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  价佰万的21日均线——进出产决策线匹配MACD目的(A 21 day moving average worth millions of dollars - entering and leaving the decision line in line with the MACD index)

  21 is the main gold ratio figures, but also in the Bollinger line (BOLL) in the rail value, it is the speed and dynamics of the K line run a qualitative change in the important watershed. In the China stock market, whether the market or the stock operation to 21 days or 21 weeks Bianpan probability greatly. After long-term research found that the 21 day moving average is an important turning point in the trend of strength, K line running above the 21 day moving average is strong, K line running below the 21 day moving average is weak. If you know the average technical, you can carefully observe in practice, it is not when k successfully break through the 21 day moving average trend started from weak to strong, each wave of rising prices are the breakthrough from the K-line 21 day moving average start up is not effective; when k fell below the 21 day moving average trend started by strong weak, each wave of market decline is also available from the K line below the 21 day moving average fell start.

  1, the strong stock and the 21 day moving average - the magic gold number

  From an operational point of view, whether it is the market or stock, around the 21 day moving average is a rule to follow, especially the slope of the 21 day moving average. Here on the strength of the stock and the 21 day moving average as a basis to explain the 21 day moving average for us to operate the significance of the stock, let us remember the simple 21 day moving average.

  The slope of the 21 day moving average refers to the stock price from the bottom then pull rapidly, successfully break 21 on average, and drives the 5 day moving average and 21 day moving average MACD formed after the push out of the wave of waves, in general, pulled the main Jiancang behavior. Generally when a stock MACD MACD, when k successfully break through the 21 day moving

  价不雅概念变迁移与营销鼎革(Changes in values and marketing change)

  Ideas, decisions, attitudes, attitudes, decisions, behaviors, behaviors, habits, habits, ideas. Values and behaviors depend on each other and promote each other. In the past more than 20 years of reform and opening up, China has achieved social and economic shaking in the exploration of "crossing the river by feeling the stones". The transformation of the society, the concept of ideological struggle, collision, confusion and perplexity, persistence and abandonment, and stick to the traditional Western westernization, changing the catalytic huge economic society the traditional values of the fission, and gave birth to the formation of new values, and changes of these values and promoting the further development of economic and social change, consumption the market has created countless new demands, gave birth to countless new opportunities, change numerous marketing behavior. For the core force of market development enterprise, that is, to adapt to changes in values, to meet the new needs; but also through the creation of demand to guide timely change of values.

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